How to achieve a perfect cat play attitude?

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Roleplaying makes sexual intercourse a lot more exciting than what people usually do. Partners, who have been together for quite a long time, find it attractive. Excitement goes off the table when you are in a relationship and have regular intercourse. Sex becomes a little boring and then couples remember those old great days.

Those days are not gone yet! You are still enjoying that intimacy and company you always wanted. You just need to think how to spice things up and cat play can make things really exciting and spicy between you and your partner.

This is how you can achieve a perfect cat play attitude:

People have a lot of misconceptions about kitten play. Many individuals believe that they must use gears in order to become a kitten. There is no such necessity, but gears play a vital role in achieving a perfect cat play attitude. However, you can be a kitten if you recognize yourself as one.

People choose to use gears because these gears make them look attractive and also help them in getting into the character. It is okay if you do not find it comfortable. Some individuals might have budget issues, so they can find affordable solutions online. To complete your look, make sure to get your cat tail plugs from

Understand what cat play is:

Cat play is a form of petplay, which itself is a subsection of BDSM. It thoroughly revolves around the concept of having a relationship in which one partner is a Dominant owner and another partner is a Submissive Kitten. The Owner’s role involves taking care of the cat and training that kitten. A kitten or cat’s role requires him/her to obey the owner and please him/her in erotic ways.

A cat or kitten can be brattier than other kinds of submissive. They are more protective, playful, and naughtier than other submissive types. It is important for a kitten owner to be more patience and smarter than other owners.

Cat play can be huge fun and you can vary the degree of intensity in releplay. Most of the people try it to spice up things before enjoying erotic play. However, you may also find people for whom cat play is a part of their life. Most of the kittens apply cat ears to get more energetic while having sex. Other cats might also use speech restrictions, crawl, and have their meals from a cat bowl to show their dedication. It is an amazing way of exploring erotic encounters and people really enjoy it.

Different cat play attitudes:

Remember one thing that there is no rule book to describe a perfect cat play attitude. It can have many variations and different people can have different cat attitude. You should not believe that there is only one true way of being a kitten. People or a group of people create certain rules and their followers follow those rules to enjoy roleplay sex. However, some common and renowned cat attitudes include:

  • Cats can be Doms:

It might amaze some people because cats are traditionally Subs. It is totally uncommon in today’s time to know that a cat owns a human. They might probably don’t know that there was a time when cats were worshipped as gods. However, some couples may switch the roles and cats can act like a dominant partner and their human can be submissive.

  • All the cats don’t like to be owned!

People usually think that there would be an owner and a trainee in cat play. It is not truth at all. A cat can decide whether she wants to be owned by someone or not. As you know, every person does not like to be in a full time relationship. Some people want to have freedom of spending time with anyone they want. If you are also looking for casual partners, you don’t need an owner.

Such cats are also known as strays in the community because they are unowned cats and they also do not like to be owned by anyone. Suppose a stray is being trained and still not comfortable with a long-term commitment, its attitude will be like a foster cat.

Cat play attitude can be diverse in different cultures. The most essential aspect of cat play is identity. It is up to the cat whether he/she wants to enjoy that intimacy occasionally or 24-7. The main fun begins when all the gears and acts are involved. Cats should feel empowered, regardless of their shape, age, and color because people love all kinds of cats.

Who can be a kitten?

Men believe they are made to be owner. That’s not true at all! A cat can be anyone regardless of sex and body shape. As explained earlier, there is no rule book for cat play. You can be a Dom or a Sub according to your interest. This role play fetish was invented to have more fun during sex. Many people try it on special occasions and they have a lot of fun when they get into the character.

Where can you get the best gears for cat play?

Many online stores provide the best cat play gears. The kitten play set includes various amazing gears like collar, cat tail butt plugs, whips, cat ears, etc. which you can buy online.

You should invest your money in high-quality gears if you wish to adopt genuine cat attitude and the lifestyle of a cat. There are many online stores selling these gears at affordable prices. Make sure you choose high-quality toys that can stay in your body for a long time to keep you aroused and entertained.

Final thoughts:

Some of you might be wondering what the relationship between cat play and sex is. It is just an aspect of BDSM. A couple can be a part of BDSM community without having to be intimate with one another. However, sex makes it perfect and quite exciting. That’s why cats act like they are real kittens and being trained by their owners. It is all about exchange of power and kittens can decide whether they want to include sex in their play or not.