About Me

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My name is Jessica Bricks and I am a Katoptronophilia. Honestly, I feel normal. While it is considered a mental disorder, I just know that I enjoy seeing myself having sex in front of the mirror. Imagine watching a show where you are the star and you can feel exactly what they are doing.

I launched phinery.net as a way for me to share what I know about being a Katoptronophilia. While I do not feel that there is something wrong with me, this website became my friend whom I share my feelings with to release occasional frustrations. Writing slows down my brain and makes me think clearer. Also, I get to share my thoughts to those who think may have the same condition to understand themselves better.

Join me in this roller coaster of love, fantasy, and tons of endorphins and get ready to accept Katoptronophilia and learn how to just enjoy it. Get yourselves some nice and big mirror, and welcome to phinery.net!