Mirror, mirror on the wall: A brief look at katoptronophilia

In the 2000 film American Psycho, the anti-hero Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale) contains a scene in which while having sex with two female escorts, looks at himself in the mirror admiringly. Even when one of the escort girls tries to attract his attention, he seemingly prefers to look at himself rather than the […]

Mirror Sex: Why We Absolutely Love Watching Ourselves F*ck

It’s no secret that I absolutely abhor shower sex. I’ve written about it, mentioned it in countless articles, and I talk about it in my personal life on a regular basis. Yet bae has one of those fancy waterfall showers that is about as rare as a unicorn AND his own studio in Alphabet City, […]

The Truth About Mirror Sex —​ Why So Many People LOVE Watching Themselves Have Sex

Come on… You know you’ve tried to sneak a peek! Enjoying sexual activity in front of a mirror, also known as katoptronophilia, is surprisingly common. It’s depicted in adult films, mainstream movies, and songs and we’ve all seen photos of erotic hotels with mirrors on the ceiling over the beds specifically in order to fulfill […]